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Shoefresh.eu is the online point of sale for the Shoefresh shoe freshener: the solution to wet and smelly shoes. Wet, smelly shoes are often dried under the heating, stuffed with newspapers. This does not only take a lot of time, it is also very bad for your shoes. There is an easier and faster way: the Shoefresh shoe freshener cleans and dries your shoes within half an hour. Your house will no longer smell and you can wear your shoes with a fresh feeling, every day. Your shoes are always fresh and dry the next day! Shoefresh.eu is the shoe hygiene specialist.

Wet, smelly shoes cause a lot of irritation for many people. Nobody likes wear shoes that are still wet / smelly from the day before… In addition, the Shoefresh is recommended by 2500+ pedicures for the treatment of athlete’s foot and nail fungus. This makes the Shoefresh ideaal for publishers from the following target groups or categories:

    • Parents (35-55 years old)
    • Athletes
    • Health / lifestyle
    • Sweaty feet / athlete’s foot / foot fungus (30% of the population suffers from this)

Benefits Shoefresh.eu affiliate program

    • High compensation (10-20%)
    • A solution to a common problem: wet and smelly shoes
    • Products are immediatly available from stock.
    • Free delivery within the Netherlands above € 25,-
    • 14 days trial period & pay afterwards

Shoefresh.eu can make a special banner set for publishers (for example aimed at football players). Please contact Shoefresh via the ticket system (Support -> Create Ticket -> Shoefresh).

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  • Kommision 1.00% - 10.00%
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