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Every parent recognizes it: your child returns from daycare, school or friends with the wrong lunch box, jacket or drinking cup. In 2002, well-noticed comes up with the solution to this problem.

For more than 15 years now, the name labels of Goedemark that can be personalized have been a household name among parents. They are very pleased with the top quality of the labels and their excellent customer service who is available when there are questions.

Why promoting the campaign of Goedgemerkt

Goedgemerkt is never lost again!
Goedgemerkt offers the solution to mark your things in a beautiful and personalized way, whether or not accompanied by a GoedgeMerkje (icon) so that things are even recognizable for children who cannot read yet.

The products do not contain toxic inks, are water-proof, (dish-washer) washer and microwave safe. They offer a good service by sending within a day, this translates into a high customer rating (9.3 on Trustpilot).

You can easily order personalized name stickers from Goedgemerkt that are left in the dishwasher and microwave or stickers that you can stick in, iron on or stitch in clothing. In addition, they sell nameplates and bands so that children always have the contact details of their parents at hand.

Target Group
The target group are mothers of young children. Children lose things at daycare centers, schools, sports clubs etc. In addition, the labels are often ordered to mark hand-crafted things, to label clothing from residents of care institutions, to organize things (at home) and as a fun and unique (maternity) gift.

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