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At Parfumado, we think discovering special perfumes is the best thing there is! Members always choose from known and unknown perfumes and experience this for a month for €14.95 per month.

Why start shopping at Parfumado?

We are convinced of the power of scent. Scents stir up desires, summon emotions and bring memories to life. In short, scent -including perfume- is something very personal.

The amount of fragrances being sold in perfumeries is enormous and continues to grow annually. How do you discover new favourites, suiting various occasions and seasons?
This is how our sample service originated. From the idea that shopping for perfumes should be fun, easy and personal. And that wearing on-the-go perfume is super efficient. Because perfume is the most powerful accessory, don't you think?
We're on a mission. To make the most beautiful and exclusive perfumes accessible to you, everywhere and always.

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