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First things first: FamilyCard is a virtual loyalty card for webshops. So it is not a physical card.

How does this card work? Simple: every time you buy something from one of their webshop partners, you get a discount. However, you do not see that discount in your shopping cart, but in your FamilyCard account. This way you save money while shopping online.

Have you saved 25 Euros? Then you can request a payout. FamilyCard will then transfer the money to your bank account. You decide what to do with it.

The crazy news? This advantageous card is completely free. Forever and ever.

By the way, you pay the same prices at the webshops. They do not increase because you buy something through FamilyCard.

In short: nothing changes for you as a member. Except that you earn money while you shop online.

Why promote Familycard?

  • Family minded shop-portal: big, clear target group
  • All types of promotion are allowed
  • Fair lead compensation

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Program data

  • Kommision EUR 1.12
  • SEM marketing tilladt
  • E-mail marketing tilladt
  • Rabatkoder ikke tilladt
  • Product listing ads ikke tilladt
  • Cashback tilladt
  • Sociale medier tilladt
  • Sub ID muligt
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  • Program aktiv siden 08-03-2021
  • Cookieperiode 100 dage
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