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The eternal battle over the sink. Complaining about the toothpaste that is too spicy and brushing it for two minutes? Way too long and way too boring!

This is how Peter's mornings (and evenings) went. As a father of three boys, it was a hit twice a day. His children also received far too harmful substances with normal toothpaste. He didn't like that. You can - no, you have to! - different.

That is why Peter developed the very first toothpaste tablet for children. Fairytabs' mission is to allow all children (and parents) in the Netherlands to live to the moment of
toothbrushing. So that children see brushing their teeth as a party and adventure.

About the FairyTabs affiliate program:

They currently sell two flavors: strawberry (without fluoride) and soft mint (with fluoride). The toothpaste tablets can be ordered as a sample, monthly package or as a starter kit. The starter kit consists of: Fairytabs of your choice for 1 month, silicone storage jar, silicone drinking cup, bamboo toothbrush and stickers. It is also possible to create a subscription, so that the Fairytabs automatically fall on the doormat.

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