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Seeing plants grow has something magical and inspired us in 2017 to share this with more people. In our grandfather's greenhouse, behind our childhood home, we started growing small cutting plants under the name BabyPLNTS. We soon discovered that many people, like us, love plants and enjoy caring for them. We found that sharing our knowledge was useful, but that sharing photos, experiences and tips from our fellow plant enthusiasts was even more so. This opened the doors for us to new plant enthusiasts all over Europe. We are now growing very fast and have become PLNTS.com. We're looking forward to the future where our PLNTS community, just like our plants, will continue to grow.

Grow your home
Plants make your house feel like home. They contribute to a feeling of peace, security and warmth. In our shop, we sell rare plants and large houseplants to tiny little baby plants. At PLNTS.com, you will not only find plants but also all the products you need to care for your plant. From plants nutrition to water meter, your plants will surely be happy!

Sustainability and PLNTS.com
We love our planet and take sustainability very seriously. That is why we are constantly looking for sustainable alternatives that put as little pressure on the earth as possible. Our nursery runs on solar energy, we water our plants with rainwater (fortunately it rains a lot in the Netherlands ;)) and we try to bundle European exports as much as possible. We are also constantly looking for the best way to make our packaging more sustainable. For now, we have consciously chosen for the material PET. This is plastic, yes, but it is made entirely from recycled plastic!

Why promote the PLNTS.com affiliate programme:

  • High customer satisfaction
  • New campaigns and products on a regular basis
  • High quality, up to date banners and beautiful content
  • Internationally known
  • Attractive fees
  • Active programme management and quick approval of sales

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