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Perfect accounting, which is up to date every day. Done within 10 minutes per month. That is Jortt: a program that does the bookkeeping for you. With one accounting processed, one gives you proactive tax advice.

The distinctive character of Jortt is far-reaching automation (the Accounting bot). This ensures that by answering 5 simple questions and linking the calculation, the accounting can be performed completely. Up to and including the annual accounts and the income tax return.

Jortt'ers save an average of €1,638 in costs and 69 hours of work per year.

Jortt is an accounting program for entrepreneurs and makes sure that entrepreneurs even like their bookkeeping. That's about entrepreneurs finally come to understand accounting. That creates a magical feeling. Enabling entrepreneurs to make the best choices for their business.

Collaborating with Jortt

It is therefore interesting to place advertisements of Jortt on entrepreneurs / self-employed sites. Jortt is especially suitable for companies with 1 to 5 employees. For sole proprietorships / self-employed persons, general partnerships and limited liability companies. Jortt'ers are usually between 25 and 54 years old. There are slightly more male Jortts than female ones.

Would you like to write a review about Jortt? Feel free to contact us. We will then walk through the program and show you the far-reaching automation. That provides enough input for an extraordinary and sensational review.

Jortt is growing fast. There are two subscriptions, Jortt Complete and Jortt Plus. Jortt Plus is the most chosen for new subscriptions.

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