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Carsub is the only brand-independent car subscription available on the market and it can also be cancelled per month right from the first month. Unprecedented freedom, in other words!

The streets are changing when it comes to mobility. Everywhere around you you see shared scooters to name but one example. So is the Automotive landscape. 

More and more people find car ownership less important and therefore choose an alternative. In the past, private leasing was then the most obvious solution but that was before the car subscription era. 

Since 2022, car subscriptions are the new private lease and this is your chance to take advantage of it. Car subscriptions are very interesting for private individuals as well as for freelancers and SMEs. 

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For individuals it is interesting because you are not tied to a long-term contract, as is the case with private lease. 

Private lease has an enormous negative impact on a mortgage application. You can get less mortgage with a private lease car. With a car subscription from Carsub, this is not an issue.

You can switch cars every month. In that respect, it's like Netflix but for cars. You pay a monthly fee and can choose something different each time.

There are thousands of companies in the Netherlands that work on a project basis. Often these are temporary remote projects. In such cases, having transportation temporarily is convenient. Take a car subscription and you are helped.

But also, for example, larger companies that are hiring a new employee. Going straight into a lease or buying a car for an employee you are not sure will stay for a long time is a big risk. A car subscription is the ideal middle ground in such a case. 

Unlike other car providers, Carsub offers a recurring fee in addition to the CPS fee. As long as the subscription runs, you as a publisher receive a fee every month. A unique, but very lucrative construction for all publishers. 

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