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All4Gadgets is a Retail company specialized in selling telecom accessories and since 2020 also gadgets and household products. What once started as physical (bulk) sales to retailers through our 500m2 building in Rotterdam has now grown into a 2500m2 warehouse. All4Gadgets currently processes an average of 1500 orders per day and has seen consistent growth on a monthly basis since last year. This is partly because we have built our own website through which customers are beginning to recognize us and where we can provide our own customer service.

Apart from the developments regarding the company infrastructure, our product range is also expanding significantly. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and the ability to now invest well in our infrastructure, we know which product categories sell best. This knowledge about the market is also due in part to our suppliers with whom we have had a strong relationship for decades. They inform and advise us weekly about the new trends, predictions and developments in the (online) Retail world. As a result, we are one of the few in the Netherlands who already have products in stock in large quantities at the beginning of the trend curve. Think for example of the trendy products such as fidget spinners, Pop It gadgets and even mouth caps.

Why is the All4Gadgets affiliate program interesting?

Despite the fact that many think that the market in which we operate is starting to become relatively saturated, we strongly believe that there is still a lot of potential.
  • The main reason for this is that most consumers still prefer to purchase cheaper accessories.
  • An additional element we add to this is that we mail all of our products the same day so that it is in the customer's house the next day.
  • The average case costs €10 inc. shipping at All4Gadgets. At all the other big players like Coolbue, Smartphonehoesjes, GSMpunt this costs easily double.
  • In other words, "We offer Chinese prices with Dutch customer service."

At All4Gadgets we feel it is important, maybe even most important that we can communicate honestly, transparently and effectively with all our partners we work with or want to work with. In saying this, we hope to have a good partnership with you.

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