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About Vereniging Eigen Huis
As an independent association, we help our 800,000 members (re)buy and occupy their homes sustainably and affordably. To realize this, we are advocate, service provider and housing market expert all in one.

If we see that homeowners are not being heard or are paying too much in a particular market, we expose this through (political) lobbying.

Service provider
If lobbying is not enough, we set up a service ourselves that moves the market, strengthens the homeowner's position or provides financial benefits to our members.

Housing market expert
Through years of experience, our experts know an awful lot about the housing market. You can come to us with all your legal, financial, tax and construction questions.

The affiliate program
The affiliate program of Vereniging Eigen Huis only applies to the home insurance of Vereniging Eigen Huis. With our experience and expertise, we focus our critical eye on insurance. We still see little transparency and many inexplicable differences in premiums and conditions. At Vereniging Eigen Huis, we therefore negotiate, about our own insurances, with the insurer for the best conditions, while surrendering a large part of our commission.

At Vereniging Eigen Huis, members can put together a home insurance package themselves and take it out online, consisting of buildings insurance, home contents insurance, legal assistance insurance and/or liability insurance. The publishing fee applies per home insurance package taken out.
Non-members can also take out a home insurance package; they then automatically become members of Vereniging Eigen Huis (€30.60 per year).

Benefits of the Vereniging Eigen Huis affiliate program for publishers

  • The program is actively managed.
  • Up-to-date promotional material and lots of banners.
  • The program has excellent compensations.
  • Quick check on approval and rejection.
  • Reliable partner with high brand awareness.

Access to the affiliate program
Are you interested in joining our affiliate program? Sign up directly
after which we will process your application. The Home Owners Association
the right to refuse affiliate applications or to remove publishers from the program.

Orders may be rejected if:
  • The order was not created within the terms and guidelines of the affiliate program.
  • The application form has not been filled out correctly and/or completely.
  • The application form has been sent multiple times with the same data (duplicate sales).
  • If the applicant does not pass the acceptance criteria of Vereniging Eigen Huis.

Conditions and questions
There are a number of rules attached to the Vereniging Eigen Huis affiliate program. These rules can be found under 'Program details'. Please read these carefully prior to the promotion. In case of violation of the program conditions, the Vereniging Eigen Huis has the right to reject any realized sales and/or remove the affiliate from the affiliate program. For questions or ideas about promotion, please contact the Daisycon account manager or via the ticket system.

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