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Meet the ideal travel companion for people on a city trip. CityAppTour offers self-guided city walks via your smartphone in more than 25 European cities (this number is growing fast). In addition to a detailed map, photos and videos, an audio guide tells an interesting story at every point of the route, triggered by the GPS function of the phone. The routes are available in 7 languages: Dutch, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Our local guides have carefully mapped out each route and offer between 35 and 60 interesting stories during a walk of 3 to 6 km. Because there is no physical guide involved, visitors can set their own pace and starting point. The tour is valid for 2 days after activation, so there is enough time to visit a museum, have a drink or finish the walk the next day.

Benefits of promoting the cityapptour.com affiliate campaign

Available in 7 languages ​​so a large potential reach
Low-threshold product (from 9.75 p.p.)
Attractive remuneration up to 16%
Rapidly growing offer, new cities are added all the time.

What makes CityAppTour successful?

You can start and interrupt the walks at any time of the day, so you can enjoy the city at your own pace.
Our unique city walks are offered in no less than 7 languages, so that everyone has the opportunity to discover the culture and history of a city of their choice.
With the help of GPS guidance, you don't have to worry about getting lost.
You're sure not to miss any of a city's iconic landmarks. Let yourself be carried away by the interesting stories and discover the hidden gems that you might not have seen otherwise.

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