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Imagine having unimaginable light at your disposal every day of the year, nourishing and energizing you. Without the skin aging. It can be done, with red-light therapy.

Charging yourself with light every day has a very sound scientific foundation. Harvard professor Michael Hamblin foresees that in the future every household will have a panel with red-light therapy. This very comfortable way of helping yourself charges the cells' power plants (mitochondria). When our cells have enough energy, they can do their job well, keep us healthy and even slow or reverse aging processes. With red-light therapy, you get healthier where you stand, or lie down.

Sunbest has designed a unique panel (in 6 different sizes) with five unique wavelengths, powerful LEDs and highly focused lenses.

What makes Sunsbest products interesting for affiliates?

  • Skin rejuvenation, due to an increase in collagen production
  • Accelerated muscle recovery, ideal for athletes
  • Sitting or lying down is sufficient, ideal for the elderly
  • Wounds heal faster, even, according to research, in animals that do not know the placebo effect
  • Better sleep, because it is beneficial for biorhythm< /li>
  • Good influence on hormone balance, with for example more testosterone and increased libido in men
  • Favorable for people with winter dip, due to the large amount of light
  • Reduce inflammation, many modern diseases are essentially inflammatory diseases

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