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Our Escape the City game "Free the City" is the way to discover a city together with your friends, family or colleagues. Solve assignments and riddles together, earn clues, get all the awards and liberate the city!

It is played in groups of 2 to 4 people. This is the most fun way to discover a city, where the past goes hand in hand with the present. All you need is your phone - our app does the rest. It feels like being out and about with a local guide, but just a little more exciting. A city walk becomes an interactive scavenger hunt!

Each game is based on a real city legend or historical event. During the game, the city's unique story is revealed, with an immersive route and challenging questions that test your knowledge and creativity. A guaranteed hit among friends and an unforgettable experience for families, especially during school vacations. And we are not stopping - we are constantly expanding to new cities.

Our unique selling points:

- In every city, Escape the City has a different story. So no game is the same.

- The game is now available in the 7 most visited cities in the Netherlands and will soon grow to 25+ cities.

- The game takes two hours, so you have plenty of time left for other fun activities in the city, but you can also eat and drink something in between and then continue the route

- We have a customer satisfaction score of 8.5.

- Our focus is on storytelling, drawing participants in with engaging stories, both in text and visually. (Almost) every location and question are illustrated.

What's in it for you?

- We offer an attractive fee of €4,= per game sold. On average we sell 1.5 game per transaction, so €6,= (the average product costs €29,50).

- We offer the possibility to raffle off our game via a win action.

- There are also discount codes available for your audience.

- If you need help, we are here for you, whether it's text, images or specific materials per city.

- Try it yourself in a city of your choice, contact Geraldine at [email protected].

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