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Happy420 - In search of the best flavors

We have made it our mission to give our customers a "happy moment" with our products. To achieve this, we rely on natural cannabis products. All of these products are thoroughly tested for pesticides and heavy metals. Quality is our highest standard.

Our aim is to constantly improve our range so that we can offer our customers the best products. Our range already includes CBD, CBG, HHC, Muscimol, Blue Lotus, 1D-LSD and much more.

The benefits of our products are diverse and unique. The effect can vary from person to person:

Advantages of CBD and CBG: In contrast to the cannabinoid THC, the cannabidiol CBD is not psychoactive and therefore has no intoxicating effect! Research results show that CBD can be helpful for a variety of diseases and ailments. Although the number of available studies is still relatively small, the positive effects of CBD cannot be denied.

Benefits of Muscimol: Muscimol has a calming effect by activating GABA(A) receptors, which can help with anxiety and sleep problems. It shows neuroprotective effects that are of interest in research for new therapies. However, the safety and efficacy of muscimol still needs to be researched in detail.

Benefits of Blue Lotus: Blue Lotus has a relaxing effect and can help to promote sleep. It has mild euphoric properties that can increase feelings of well-being. The plant is also valued for its antioxidant properties, which support overall health levels. Its use in traditional medicine highlights its potential for therapeutic applications.
Not only our products, but we also offer some exciting benefits for our customers:

100% natural hemp
fair working conditions
permanently controlled production processes
EU certified
free from pesticides and herbicides
secure online payment
free shipping from 79,00€
100% plastic-free packaging
Quick and easy ordering

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