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With a large network of influencers and customers, DEZZY-S is one of the fastest growing color lens brands right now. In 2021 they launched their own line of color lenses which has already landed them in various media. These include Videoland, RTL and Make Up Your Mind. The color lenses can also be seen with famous influencers and BN'ers such as Sarah van Soelen, Janice Blok, Jessie Maya, Sylvia Geersen etc. As I'm sure you can imagine, this has given them a wide network in a short time.

Because they distinguish themselves as a color lens brand with their own line of realistic color lenses, they belong to an exclusive color lens brand that goes worldwide! To take this to an even higher level, they need your help. DEZZY-S is looking for a dream team! A dream team full of ambassadors with diverse backgrounds who are themselves, love to inspire others with their experiences, are open to self-expression, are full of motivation and reflect their creativity on diversity. This dream team are the representatives of a global up-coming brand.

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