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Gaybuddy.nl is the most exciting online meeting place for men who are looking for a date, relationship or flirt. The platform is fully optimized with an excellent application flow that allows you as an affiliate to realize the best conversions with your gaytraffic. Suggestions / questions / requests for the campaign? Or do you want another LP for your traffic? No problem. The team of Daisycon and Gaybuddy.nl are ready to assist you directly, so that you ultimately realize a higher conversion!

Why you should promote Gaybuddy.nl: 

  • High single opt-in CPL allowance with an extraordinarily good free member conversion 

  • Wide range of converting promotional material, such as dynamic banners and landing pages 

  • Quick test of leads and regularly increased fees for affiliates


    Gaybuddy.nl likes to work with affiliates who generate high-quality leads. For affiliates with high traffic and good leads, therefore, a higher segment (VIP scale) is always negotiable in addition to the standard discount tables! In addition, the Gaybuddy.nl team is always ready to respond quickly to requests from affiliates. 

    Rejection criteria

    • Member retires immediately

    • Member uses a fake e-mail address 

    • Member uses an e-mail address marked as SPAM e-mail address (Spam e-mail addresses are foreign e-mail addresses from the Eastern bloc, South America, China, Turkey) 

    • Member uses an e-mail address that is marked as delivering invalid accounts (So these are again IP addresses from the Eastern Block, South America, China, Turkey) 

    • Member must have been active on the website at least once within 2 weeks after creating an account 

      All leads are manually inspected and assessed every 2 weeks! 

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

Haben Sie eine Webseite oder Medium mit dem Sie die Kampagne Gaybuddy.nl bewerben möchten? Das ist möglich! Zunächst müssen Sie sich bei Daisycon anmelden. Nachdem Sie zum Netzwerk und zur Kampagne zugelassen wurden, haben Sie Zugang zu Bannern und Linkmaterial. Platzieren Sie diese Links oder Banner auf Ihrer Webseite. Für jeden Besucher, den Sie weiterleiten, und der zu einer Transaktion führt, erhalten Sie eine Belohnung. Dies wird Affiliate Marketing genannt.

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  • Vergütung EUR 3.25 - 4.50
  • Keywordmarketing erlaubt
  • E-mailmarketing erlaubt
  • Gutscheincodes erlaubt
  • Product listing ads verboten
  • Cashback erlaubt
  • Social media erlaubt
  • Sub ID möglich
  • Productfeed nicht möglich
  • Deeplink nicht möglich
  • Programm aktiv seit 20-04-2016
  • Messdauer 100 tage
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