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Since 1884 the van Arendonk family has been active in the shoe world. At that time they were still one of the largest shoe producers in the Netherlands, but due to the arrival of the occupying forces in '40-'45, the factory was lost and later they only continued as a retailer in Brabant and Groningen.

They operate under 3 formulas; Van Arendonk, P'Leisure (the latter focuses more on sports shoes, trainers and related articles) and Smits Schoenen in Arnhem. Since a few years they also have 2 shop-in-shops at Jansen-Noy in Sevenum and at Bastiaansen Modestad in Bavel. Van Arendonk is still a family business and is run by Danielle van Arendonk and Danielle's husband David Peeters.

Why promote Van Arendonk's affiliate programme?

Van Arendonk specialises in mid/high end women's and men's shoes in combination with related accessories (bags, belts, care products). This has resulted in a wide collection of shoes and accessories that produces more than 100 brands. A selection of these brands: UGG, (Floris) van Bommel, Nubikk, Via Vai, Magnanni, Santoni, Mason Garments, Sendra and Adidas.

Benefits affiliate program for publishers:
  • Large collection of shoes with many exclusive brands
  • Renowned name in the shoe industry (no new player, so trust)
  • Big, up-to-date product feed
  • Wide range of promotional material, regular updates and open-for-feedback
  • Partnership, in order to achieve a desired result for both a.s.a.p.

Van Arendonk has been active for years and specialises in the world of shoes. The conditions of the affiliate programme are good. Van Arendonk is therefore the ideal advertiser to promote via your website and/or e-mail file.

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