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We believe that with sustainable innovation we can make the world more beautiful. Our mission is to solve the challenges we face together with entrepreneurs and investors (the crowd). That is why we have been building a game-changing community since 2012. We bring innovative entrepreneurs and future-oriented investors together to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. We do this on our sustainable crowdfunding platform where investors lend money to entrepreneurs in exchange for financial én sustainable returns.

Through Oneplanetcrowd, established businesses, scale-ups and projects are funded through a crowdfunding campaign. All entrepreneurs on Oneplanetcrowd contribute to one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Oneplanetcrowd believes that these Sustainable Development Goals can be accelerated by focusing on funding sustainable businesses and projects. Let's work together to ensure that we connect many more ambassadors of this mission to Oneplanetcrowd. Together we fund the future!

Oneplanetcrowd focuses on two different target groups via Daisycon:

  • To attract new investors. (focus) Investors can provide a loan or convertible loan to entrepreneurs through the platform.
  • To attract new SME entrepreneurs looking for growth financing or project financing for a real estate or energy project. (upcoming)

Entrepreneurs need to meet a number of conditions to carry a crowd loan or convertible loan. The first check takes place through a Quick Scan they have to fill out, via: https://www.oneplanetcrowd.com/nl/s/informatie-voor-ondernemers

Please note the spelling of Oneplanetcrowd (without spaces)

USP's for customers

  • Invest from € 250
  • Repay 4 to 8% per year
  • More than 190 financings realized
  • Financial and sustainable return

    A management fee of 0.8% on the outstanding loan amount is charged on an annual basis including VAT on each investment. This amount is automatically deducted from repayments made by the borrower to investors.

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