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Freo is a 100% subsidiary of Rabobank and the specialist in online borrowing. 

Two types of loan

Freo likes to keep things simple. Customers can come to us for two types of loans: a Personal Loan or a Continuous Credit. They directly pay these loans to us, without an intermediary. This makes borrowing easy, clear, reliable and economical at Freo. We have been in the top 3 lowest rates for years in a row!

Rules for Promotion:
  • Publisher will only promote Freo combined with the AFM warning message ("Geld Lenen Kost Geld") and no 'forbidden words'. See the AFM website for more information and guidelines on this matter.

  • Publisher is only allowed to use promotional material provided by the Advertiser (including communications, banners, video material, etc) and links.

  • Publisher must first submit any other promotional material (including textual statements) to the Advertiser for written permission.

  • Publisher is not permitted to promote by direct linking and / or branded bidding, unless the Advertiser has given prior written permission.

  • Publisher may only use e-mail marketing after prior and written approval from the Advertiser.

  • Promotion through social media channels is not allowed.

Would you like to help promote the Freo affiliate program?

Then sign up via the link below. It is important to first carefully read the program conditions. If you have any questions, you can contact [email protected].

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

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  • Vergütung EUR 5.00 - 200.00
  • Keywordmarketing erlaubt
  • E-mailmarketing teilweise erlaubt
  • Gutscheincodes verboten
  • Product listing ads verboten
  • Cashback verboten
  • Social media verboten
  • Sub ID möglich
  • Productfeed nicht möglich
  • Deeplink nicht möglich
  • Programm aktiv seit 29-10-2018
  • Messdauer 100 tage
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