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Emma mattress was founded in 2015 in Frankfurt. Our goal: making the purchase of a mattress easier! There are countless mattresses for sale on the market, which means a long search process for the customer along an infinite number of shops - Only to become a little to nothing wiser in the end.

We make the search for a new mattress a lot easier. On our website you will find the best-tested mattress suitable for everyone. Our mattress is innovative and composed of high-quality materials.

Why promote the Emma Mattress campaign?

Quality of a high level
Our mattress is suitable for everybody and offers the perfect support irrespective of your height and weight. The materials of the mattress adapt to your height, weight or sleeping position so you´ll always sleep comfortably. The Emma mattress was tested as the best mattress in six of the twelve countries our mattress is sold in. In these tests we scored (among other things) high points on the durability and support of the mattress.

Free 100 day trial and free pick-up
This raises high expectations among our buyers. Therefore, you can try the Emma mattress for 100 nights to see for yourself if we can meet those expectations. Is our mattress not the mattress you are looking for? Then we will pick it up for free and refund the whole purchase amount.

Extra advantages
In addition to the mattress, we also sell various accessories, such as our pillow, box spring bed, duvet and the Emma topper. All developed with the same philosophy and sold under the same conditions. Our website is the most important channel for us. Our company is young, agile and growing fast. Everything is possible and with a high order value and a high conversion rate on our page, Emma mattress offers a very interesting business model for you as a publisher!

**Attribution on the Emma Sleep campaign is on a first-click base.

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