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Slimster is the fastest growing products and services comparator

At Slimster they think everyone deserves the best deal. However, searching for the best deal often takes a lot of time and consumers often no longer see the forest for the trees. Slimster understands what they are comparing. They share their knowledge through their platform and help everyone get the best deal. More than 400,000 consumers per month find the best deal via Slimster.

How does the comparison work?
The consumer simply requests an online quote for, for example, new window frames, a painting job, a dormer window or solar panels (all categories can be found on Slimster.nl). This is free and without obligation and therefore very accessible. The consumer receives several offers and compares different companies with each other in order to choose the best price / quality ratio for him or her best company.

Why Slimster?
  • Fastest growing quotation comparator
  • In 2017 and 2018 FD Gazelles won
  • They work with more than 2000 controlled companies
  • Price and quality are their top priority
  • 20+ categories including renovation, DIY, sustainable energy, installation, floors & sun protection
  • They continue to grow; monthly new products & categories online
  • Low threshold and high conversion
  • Always recent advertising material available

What can Slimster do for you as a publisher?

  • High conversion - A quote request is already a lead. Requesting a quote is completely free and without obligation via a short form and thus very low threshold for the consumer. The conversion is therefore high and you also benefit from that.

  • Continuous development - They are a young organization that is growing rapidly. They continually place new products online and are fully engaged in conversion optimization. That is not only nice for Slimster, but also for you.

  • Long-term relationship - We like to work together on a long-term relationship to get the most out of this cooperation. For example, they can produce and deliver customized banners for your website within a few working days.

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

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  • Vergütung EUR 3.00 - 20.00
  • Keywordmarketing verboten
  • E-mailmarketing teilweise erlaubt
  • Gutscheincodes verboten
  • Product listing ads verboten
  • Cashback teilweise erlaubt
  • Social media erlaubt
  • Sub ID möglich
  • Productfeed nicht möglich
  • Deeplink möglich
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  • Messdauer 30 tage
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