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Hulpmiddelonline.nl is the webshop for incontinence materials of the worldwide known brand TENA. TENA is also the market leader in this field.

The webshop has standard all products in stock and offers consumers always the best price. In addition, the store distinguishes itself among other things with:
  • Super fast delivery; ordered before 23:00, shipped the same day
  • 100% discrete delivery
  • Not good, money back guarantee
  • Volume advantage; ordering more is extra discount
  • Free samples on delivery
  • Convenient comfort service
  • Unique "Choice Help" for both men and women
  • Extensive knowledge center with clear information about, and tips for, incontinence

Why promote the affiliate campagin of hulpmiddelonline.nl?

  • Transactions are being quickly inspected
  • The webshop has a high conversion rate of over 6.5%
  • The average order value is around € 50.00
  • Suggestions to improve the campaign / to promote sales are always welcome

About incontinence
Incontinence is a very common problem that mainly affects women. About half of all adult women suffer from it (sometimes). This is approximately 10% in adult men. Together, there are only in the Netherlands about 3 million people who have to deal with incontinence complaints. They are products that people generally prefer not to buy in the store. People are usually ashamed of making the internet the place to order. Hulpmiddelonline.nl responds to this with the very clear website and with the extensive knowledge center where clear information can be found about incontinence. The unique choice aid helps people find the right material.

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