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All publishers need to use a unique link provided by Verisure. Please contact your Partner manager before promoting the campaign. If a unique link is not used, your leads will not be registered.


Verisure is the new name for Securitas Direct home alarm. We have Sweden's largest alarm center and are the most recommended home alarm provider. Thanks to a strong focus on quality and service, our 300,000 Swedish customers are among the most satisfied in the industry.

A connected alarm system gives you a really good fire and burglary protection.

Calculate price on your home alarm. Do our test and get the answer within one minute.

Before any e-mail sendouts, you have to receive the blacklist from Verisure, so no one on this, is to receive any e-mail. If this is not respected, all leads will be deleted. For the blacklist. Please contact your publisher manager.

Furthermore, consumers may not receive more than 3 e-mails pr. week from the same publisher.

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  • Keywordmarketing erlaubt
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  • Gutscheincodes verboten
  • Product listing ads verboten
  • Cashback erlaubt
  • Social media erlaubt
  • Sub ID möglich
  • Productfeed nicht möglich
  • Deeplink nicht möglich
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