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Who is Gezondheidsschool?
Gezondheidsschool, part of the Center for Distance Learning, is an important training provider in the field of health, wellness and coaching.

With us you will learn your future job in the health, wellness, massage and coaching sector in a professional way. Our courses have been put together by independent entrepreneurs with years of experience in practice. They will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade!

Specialized and professional training offer!

We offer you a total training offer to give your career in the world of Health, Massage and Coaching a new twist. We have all the assets and experience to make your education a quality and unforgettable event.

The Center for Distance Learning, part of the Entrepreneurial School, is one of the largest training providers for adults in the Benelux. She organizes professional training courses for students from all over the world through the system of distance learning.

The educational institution is registered in the Central Register of Short Vocational Education (CRKBO). This means that the educational institution complies with the Quality Code for Training Institutions for Short Vocational Education. In addition, the Center for Distance Learning meets the strict quality requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and is registered as a service provider of the Flemish Government in the context of training checks and the SME portfolio.

Those who have obtained their diploma at our educational institution can join the recognized professional association Institute for Business Administration and Training-Wellnessfederatie vzw that sits on the High Council for the self-employed and the SME in Belgium.

Finally, our school works closely with the Center for Professional Qualification VZW and the Center for Evening Education VZW, which means that you can continue studying at these educational institutions or obtain exemptions.

Professional training
Through our school you can follow courses that prepare you for a new career in various business sectors. The professional course material is compiled by independent entrepreneurs and teachers with many years of practical experience. They will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade.

Free chapters
You can download chapters for free. This way you always have a perfect picture of what you can expect from the study program. Our courses are regularly rewritten and updated. That way you can be sure that you are up to date with the latest new technologies.

Professional teachers
All our professional teachers have business experience. They are all independent entrepreneurs who have earned their stripes. They will gladly pass on their knowledge to you in an enthusiastic way. You can ask them everything about the techniques, but also how you start your own business and how you find your own customers. It is mainly the teachers of our team who make the difference with other schools!

Largest range of courses in the Benelux
The Health School has a unique training offer with the highest success rates and exam guarantee. Those who study at our school are sure of the quality.

The best IT infrastructure and guidance
The Health School, part of the Entrepreneurial School, guides the students through the most high-tech servers and IT infrastructure from the Netherlands. Our staff are available day and night to give you the perfect study guidance. Via super fast internet connections you log in to our student platform and receive your personal guidance from there. Thanks to this excellent infrastructure, we have not had a single break or breakdown in recent years.

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