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Mr Riegillio is a relatively young brand that focuses on men within a specific niche: Fetish Fashion.

Fashion that can not only be worn in the fetish scene, but also on the street, regular bars or wherever he wants!

The core target group that is now being served are gays, however, we see an uplift among straight men. Due to the increasing popularity of fetish parties such as Wasteland among heterosexuals, and due the fact that all our items are doorbitch approved, there are still many opportunities here.

While the heteroscene will have more of a fetish approach, within the gay target group we see more a mix between fetish and fashion.

The collection is characterized by specific use of materials:

  1. PVC> Most unique PVC collection in the entire market with items that cannot be found anywhere else (such as a PVC hoodie and thru zip pants). Target group mainly from 20 y/o.

  2. Leather > In terms of pricing at the bottom of the (fetish) market with unique design. Target group for this category is 35-55 years.

  3. PU leather> For tracksuits & shorts, is purchased by all ages but slightly more selective on the younger target group. Also due to low pricing and a more sporty look.

Fetish Fashion for men:
  • With many active returning customers and a return percentage of <5%, a real fan base has already been built up
  • Average order value of €130
  • Around 20K visitors per month
  • More than 10K social media coverage
  • Also in stores Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin

Why promote the Mr Riegillio's affiliate program?

  • Fast inspection time of the transactions
  • Up-to-date banner material
  • CPS reimbursement of 10%
  • Cookie time of 14 days

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