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About the Mediumastro affiliate program
Mediumastro.be is the online medium platform in Belgium.
The platform was established with the aim of bringing more transparency to paranormal services.

The mediums, psychics, fortune tellers, card specialists and other consultants are all experienced and well trained.

Unlike other platforms, customers at Mediumastro.be can get to know a specialist of their choice free of charge. This one-off session is entirely without obligation.

In addition, all communication goes through a secure 1 on 1 chat. Everyone determines how many sessions he / she takes and what they pay for it. There are therefore no subscription costs for fixed or other hidden costs.

Mediumastro.be is now one of the best known medium platforms in the Netherlands. The team of consultants, customer service, developers and marketers are available day and night to help those further.

Mediumastro.be receives many applications from mediums and psychics on a daily basis to strengthen the Mediumastro.be team.

Why is Mediumastro.be the perfect program for you to promote?

  • An optimized and innovative medium platform. A free member is extremely good!
  • Extremely attractive reimbursement and rapid lead testing
  • Approval of the profiles, with strict checks on fake profiles
  • Wide range of converting promotional material, such as dynamic banners and text links
Mediumastro.be likes to work with affiliates that generate high quality leads. For affiliates with a lot of traffic and high-quality leads, a higher segment (VIP scale) is always negotiable in addition to the regular bonus.

Finally, the Mediumastro.be team is always ready to respond quickly to requests from affiliates.

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  • Vergütung EUR 3.00
  • Keywordmarketing erlaubt
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  • Cashback erlaubt
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  • Programm aktiv seit 12-06-2019
  • Messdauer 100 tage
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