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For SupMedi Quality Is The Best Ingredient For Your CBD Products
SupMedi offers its customers high-grade CBD products through direct involvement in their production. From the acquisition of the purest ingredients and strict quality control to formula development through over 20 years of experience cultivating, selecting and processing the world’s best hemp (cannabis) variants, every step of the production process is carefully governed, right down to the final stages of packaging and shipment.
SupMedi maintains a 100% label claim, guaranteeing that all active components are still 100% present on the date as stated on the product package.

By this approach, SupMedi distinguishes itself from other retailers, proudly assuming a position among the best suppliers of CBD supplements.

SupMedi operates on science and quality as its foundation for the best route to consumers. Constant innovation helps conquer this expanding market through development of novel products. By now, this has firmly established the SupMedi brand as a household sports industry name.

Even though CBD products are fully legal and sales are soaring, advertising through Google is not allowed. This creates great opportunities for Daisycon advertisers/publishers.

Why this SupMedi affiliate campaign?

  • High commissions remuneration
  • Expanding market
  • Average order values range around €60

About CBD:
In recent years, CBD oil and CBD tablets have become increasingly popular as dietary supplements. People from all walks of life use them to alleviate a huge diversity of symptoms and conditions. Every day, researchers across the globe discover new ways in which CBD naturally improves and reinforces health through our own biological mechanisms. Researchers keep identifying more evidence for CBD’s effectiveness in the body. SupMedi is happy to keep its clients informed through dedicated blogs at supmedi.com that shed light on the promising studies exploring CBD’s many benefits.

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