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We Are Amsterdam Genetics | Quality Is In Our Genes
The story of Amsterdam Genetics reads like a love story, but one that begins and ends with quality. We are a passionate team of plant fans and foodies. Our home base is our beloved Amsterdam, the undisputed birthplace of modern cannabis culture. Here we have been hard at work since 1985, from a partnership between renowned cannabis connoisseurs and local pioneers. We put all our energy into developing the best cannabis seeds on earth. It's our mission and our passion at the same time: that's what you get when quality is in your genes....

That Real Amsterdam Taste
We cherish the classic genetics that the world cannabis capital has thrown at us. The whole world knows that Amsterdam has always been fertile ground for cannabis culture. You have proven your love for our Amsterdam Genetics, and we want to give something back. We want to make sure that every cannabis lover can get the premium cannabis seeds that are literally the root of the passion we share.
At Amsterdam Genetics, those roots dig deep into the rich soil of Dutch cannabis knowledge. We have all the classic genetics here at our fingertips, but we always feel like innovating. We take the best from our tradition and cross it with the latest top genetics developed by the global community.

Our Mission: Giving the World a Taste of Amsterdam in Freedom
How we stay ahead? We spread the taste of Amsterdam. That's why our fan base keeps growing. More and more private and legal growers are becoming convinced of the green gold we hold in our hands, in the Netherlands and far beyond. Partners and ambassadors are joining, including the world's most famous blotter producer. Together, we are sowing the seeds of that famous Amsterdam free spirit. With that mindset, the Netherlands once became a leader in tolerance and tolerance. With that same intention we continue, as champions of liberalized, responsible and regulated cannabis cultivation. We have no intention of stopping until everyone is free to taste the flavor and quality of Amsterdam - whoever or wherever you are.

100% Legal
They strive to deliver as quickly and discreetly as possible and only ship our products to countries where possession is legal. To countries where growing cannabis seeds is prohibited, they ship our seeds only as souvenirs. Each order includes promotional materials such as stickers, catalogs and gifts ranging from papers and tips to pins in addition to the items ordered.

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