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Reddingshop.nl offers a wide range of products that can be used by professional aid workers for assistance on land and on and around the water. Many of our products can also be used in other industries and fields of application. Because many of our products are water related, they are also interesting for water sports enthusiasts such as sailors, kayakers, kite surfers, wind surfers, rowers and motor boaters. In addition, many of our products can also be used by adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Reddingshop.nl supplies products of well-known brands with a high quality. You can come to Reddingshop.nl for personal protection materials such as life jackets, life jackets, wetsuits and professional and wind- and waterproof clothing. In addition, Reddingshop.nl offers a wide range of First Aid products and rescue materials for water accidents that can be used by both professional rescue workers and water sports enthusiasts. Furthermore Reddingshop.nl offers waterproof and shockproof suitcases and waterproof cases in which you can transport valuable products or take them on an adventure.
The water sports category will be further expanded in the coming period with handy water sports products and materials. At Reddingshop.nl you can already find mooring buoys, anchor lines, anchors, fenders and fenders and other handy and practical products.

Looking for light in the dark? Reddingshop.nl offers a wide range of lighting products from well-known brands, such as flashlights, headlights, explosion-proof flashlights, tactical flashlights and solutions for mobile lighting in remote areas.
In short, Reddingshop.nl offers many products for a variety of users.

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