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Yezzer: applying for disability insurance not in 10 days but in just 10 minutes

In short, why Yezzer is so popular:

Only with Yezzer are entrepreneurs able to compare all AOV's in 10 minutes and make a complete inquiry, for a fraction of the cost, without old-fashioned or incomprehensible language. Modern and unique. That's how it can be.

In the Netherlands there are 1.3 million freelancers and SMEs. Often uninsured because you used to have to go to an expensive office because you couldn't insure directly before. The far-reaching digitalisation of our world is a fact, except in the insurance world. It's still pretty old-fashioned there, with an consultant in a suit and Word documents via e-mail. At Yezzer, we adapt with modern times and use smart technology to make insurance much cheaper for entrepreneurs, but above all effortless and less dusty. That's why we've focused on the unnecessarily complicated and expensive disability insurance (AOV).

Yezzer. Improve insurance

Why do your visitors want to close their AOV via Yezzer

  • Largest independent offer of AOVs to compare

  • Lowest premiums through group discounts

  • Easy to close everything online

  • Direct personal advice if needed

Benefits of the Yezzer affiliate program

  • Complete campaign material: texts and images

  • Active program management

  • Quick validation of sales (customers close immediately online)

  • High CPS fee

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

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