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La Redoute is an inspiring fashion and home lifestyle e-commerce platform for all families. It has been operating in the Benelux for 40 years and in France for 180 years and works every day to offer a warm shopping experience The La Redoute Benelux website and app have over 2 million monthly visitors and list over 40,000 products. You can find furniture, decoration and household linen brands such as La Redoute Intérieurs and AMPM. Not forgetting ready-to-wear brands, shoes, accessories for women, men, children and babies: Vila, Nike, Geox, Puma, Mango, Vero Moda and others, as well as La Redoute Collections and Anne Weyburn. Known for its collaborations with famous designers and houses, La Redoute never ceases to offer original capsule collections. Associated with the Galeries Lafayette group, La Redoute Benelux has a shop for its furniture brand AMPM in Luxembourg

Why promote the affiliate campaign of La Redoute?

  • La Redoute is delighted to offer an affiliate programme for publishers who enjoy the worlds of home furnishings, decoration and fashion and wish to promote its products.
  • This is a win-win programme as the publisher receives a percentage commission of the net price for each sale generated by their audience.
  • The product offer is particularly wide, modern and attractive
  • the conversion rate is around 3% and the average basket is around €100 ensure an interesting return on investment.
  • Please note that the cookie lifetime is 30 days.

Promotional kit
To ease the promotion of the brand, La Redoute provides her publishers with the following:
  • Fashion & Home visuals in the form of regularly updated banners
  • Do not hesitate to ask us for additional banners and formats
  • A feed with all our products updated daily

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

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