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About Silkedyner.dk

Silkedyner.dk takes great pride in providing quality silk duvets and pillows to the Danes. We are almost obsessed with silk duvets and pillows, as well as a good night's sleep. We are a small company, which has existed since 2008 and has extensive experience in silk duvets and silk pillows, as well as home textiles in general. We live in Ringsted on Zealand, where all goods are packed and shipped from. We sit by the phone between all weekdays between kl. 8 and 16, so call us safely and have a chat about your new silk duvets and pillows as well as advice along the way.

We cooperate with the leading supplier of silk duvets and silk pillows for Nordic comfort. Read more about Nordic Comfort here.

NordicComfort products always have:
  • Proven laboratory tested properties

  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Breathability

  • Temperature regulating effect

  • Liquid absorbent and diverting

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Laboratory tested for long-fiber Mulberry silk warranty

  • Produced in factories certified through BSCI - Social Responsibility

  • Oeko Tex certified

  • Up to 10 year warranty

  • 365 day return policy

  • Technologies with Extra Health Features

  • SilkFX ™

  • CrossVent ™

  • The NordicComfort® range is wide, and there is therefore a product for everyone - whether you are looking for the highest quality such as SilkExcellence ™ or a duvet at a cheaper price, for example. 3DSilk ™, which still benefits from the natural properties of silk but combines it with the filling from man-made fiber quilts.

    Ethical Accountability
    It has always been important that partners and suppliers have a good working environment where employees are treated well and are paid a reasonable salary. Therefore, we have chosen that all suppliers must be certified through the European organization BSCI. We know that only with certifications through recognized third parties can working conditions be guaranteed. It is simply not enough that we ourselves are present with our own employees because it does not give the full insight into wages, working hours, etc.

    There must be room for regret
    Silkedyner.dk offers Unlimited right of return. We do not care when the item is purchased. As long as it is unused, and in the same condition and quantity as you received it. The sales packaging must not be broken. and must be in the same condition as you received it.

    Unlimited right of return - we call it good customer service!

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