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Nextory has the largest selection of ebooks and one can read and listen to as many books as you want for a fixed price per month. We have thousands of titles, including the latest appearances. You do not need to be connected to the internet or be online to read, you can read and listen offline when you are outside or on trips for example. All you have to do is download the book on your phone or tablet through the iOS or Android app

Nextory's app is now also available in the Netherlands, the seventh new market for the streaming service. With the launch, Nextory further strengthens its presence outside the Nordic region. Nextory has had a broad catalog from the start with over 270,000 Dutch and English audiobooks and eBooks.

Nextory has received a warm welcome from Dutch publishers. From the beginning, the streaming service has the majority of all digitized books published in the Netherlands. The catalog includes everything from the hottest new books to beloved classics and popular children's books.

Why promote Nextory's affiliate campaign?

  • Biggest selection in the Netherlands, Over 270,000 titles
  • Fixed Price
  • Try 30 days free
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    Rules regarding search engine marketing (SEM) and sponsored links
    The advertiser has a completely closed keyword policy. Therefore, it is forbidden to purchase the advertiser's brand name, or misspellings of this word. It is also prohibited to send traffic directly to the advertiser's site via purchased sponsored links, regardless of the keyword.
    It is also not allowed to compete with Nextory's own search engine marketing through SEM. Examples include exact matches or variants of audiobooks, ebooks and books. It is also not allowed to purchase popular industry words, book titles, authors or series.
    If an affiliate violates these rules, the advertiser may choose to terminate the partnership.

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  • Vergütung EUR 3.38 - 7.00
  • Keywordmarketing verboten
  • E-mailmarketing erlaubt
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  • Cashback erlaubt
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