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In January 2022, Oscar Car Rental entered the Dutch market after our success in Denmark. Oscar Car Rental has in less than two years managed to become the most numerous car rental chain in Denmark at more than 120 locations and +1.700 vehicles.

We entered the Netherlands with over 20 locations, and we are growing the number of cities we are in rapidly. It is an ongoing process, as our fleet of vehicles will increase for the next many months as our locations add more vehicles to our platform and sign new locations around the country.

Our mission is to make car rental enjoyable at an affordable price to everyone, everywhere. Car rental is not known for outstanding customer service, reasonable prices, or transparency. We want to change that. Therefore, our car rental is local, simple, and affordable.

Local, because we partner up with car repair shops and car dealers in small, medium, and larger cities around the country. By doing so, we always have a car rental location near the customer.

Simple, because car rental can be a complex service. We have designed a user-friendly website guiding the user through our booking process with ease to simplify it. We have transparent pricing without any hidden fees, you know exactly what car you get, and we have excellent customer service available on the phone, chat, and email all seven days of the week.

Affordable, because car rental does not have to be expensive. As we do not own any cars, we can lower our costs and rent out cars at a low and affordable price that is attractive to every customer.

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