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Foodello is the online supermarket against food waste. We sell leftover items from food producers and suppliers through our online store, at substantial discounts. Foodello is part of the highly successful Finnish company Fiksuruoka, which has been offering its customers an accessible way to save money on groceries and combat food waste since 2016.
The products we sell have not ended up in the supermarkets because the at least until date is approaching, a product (packaging) has been changed, or because there is a surplus.
We always sell products at a 20% to 90% discount, compared to the normal price level in the supermarket (the 'recommended retail price'). Orders are delivered to your home via PostNL (1-3 working days). Orders placed on weekdays before 21:00 are often delivered the next day.

The advantages of the affiliate program

Foodello is always looking for quality affiliates who can add value to our affiliate program through their unique reach. With a high conversion rate, good commission, clear communication and quick transaction verification, we try to be the most attractive partner for our affiliates.


Use of brand
Cookie-dropping through excessive use of brand name is not allowed. A maximum of 1 url about Foodello is allowed per site. Media with multiple keyword + Foodello brand name combinations are not allowed. Affiliate links from pages that are focused on the brand name must be distinctive from the other pages through click referer and will be excluded from transactions.

Not permitted
Keyword marketing, Shopping ads, Cashback sites, Get-paid-to sites, Inframing and/or scrapping of the Foodello website, Typosquatting, Review & Experiences sites
Sponsored ads from social media (e.g. facebook/instagram) with direct links to Foodello are not allowed.
Direct links in non-sponsored/organic posts on one's own social media pages are allowed only if the post clearly states that it links to a page on the Foodello website.

Only after permission
The use of coupons & discount codes is only permitted if agreed in advance.

Verification of transactions
Foodello values the affiliate channel in its online media mix. In principle, transactions are therefore only rejected in case of incorrect and/or duplicate registrations, or in case of exceeding the program conditions.
If a transaction involves the use of a discount code that is not specifically intended for affiliate partners, it will be rejected by default. This does not apply to discount codes received upon newsletter registration.

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

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