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With advertisers that everyone knows and one of the highest fees in the affiliate landscape, funeral insurance is a very attractive product to promote.

However, advertising for funeral insurance is subject to strict rules. A commission ban applies to complex financial products such as funeral insurance and without an AFM license, you are not allowed to mediate or give advice on financial products. To make a long story short: Funeral insurance generally should only be promoted by publishers if it is clearly advertising and you show no substantive involvement with the product.

Fortunately, Daisycon offers the solution for this: Promotion through the funeral insurance tool! With this tool, you offer your visitors a static overview of the various funeral insurers in which you do not show any substantive involvement yourself. The tool has been checked and found suitable by the participating advertisers and designed in co-creation with them.

The information shown in the tool comes from the insurers themselves and contains as much information as possible to provide a complete picture of the market. The results shown are filtered based on the lowest premium for one of the five age cohorts. As a publisher, you can choose the age cohort based on which you show the display of providers to your visitors.

Clicks, transactions, and admission
Clicks and transactions from the funeral insurance tool run through the affiliate program of Daisycon comparators. It may take a few days for the tool to be activated. Only websites and other media that fully comply with the affiliate guidelines for funeral insurance and are considered representative will be allowed.

Rules for the funeral insurance tool
Of course, you should avoid substantive involvement - with the financial products in the tool - elsewhere on your website at all times. Because a ban on commission is in force for funeral insurance policies, the additional rule applies to this tool that you (with or without an AFM permit) absolutely cannot receive personal advice i.c.m. the tool may give. The additional affiliate guidelines for funeral insurance can be found here: https://www.daisycon.com/pdf/13-12-2019%20richtlijnen%20en%20voorwaarden%20affiliateprogramma%20DELA%20v9.1%20RC.pdf

This tool is super easy and quick to include on your media via the WordPress plugin or by generating your code in the Daisycon interface. Click through to the Configurator in the material menu 'Widgets' and immediately see what you can adjust for perfect integration into the look and feel of your website.

Set the preferred filters yourself, and see immediately how the tool appears on different devices.
Conversion-oriented design with fast loading time.

Daisycon and its partners take care of the content and maintenance so that the offer of the best advertisers is always displayed up-to-date on your website.

Was ist Affiliate Marketing?

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