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My Jewellery wants to celebrate life together with you!

Sharon founded My Jewellery in the summer of 2011, bringing her passion for jewelry to life on her website and opening her first boutique a few years later in her beloved Den Bosch in the Netherlands. My Jewellery gained momentum online and now has a large community that is inspired and inspired daily.

Our vision is to celebrate life and encourage others to enjoy the little things that make life so precious. We want to give everyone a chance to find themselves and connect with their loved ones in a special way. We want to encourage everyone to create their own unique style and seal life's festivities, as well as the precious moments of each day with our affordable designs: Jewelry, Fashion, Make-Up and Lifestyle.

Our entire creative process takes place in-house: from concept to (print) design to photo shoots. The waterproof jewelry is made of high quality stainless steel. The choice of stainless steel creates a lasting connection between our customers and our creations and emphasizes our commitment to sustainability. The clothing collection takes into account current trends, needs of our community and special requests of the My Jewellery team. All collections are feminine and down-to-earth in design, offering vibrant colors and a touch of vintage and French lifestyle: garments in which our community can present themselves confidently, strongly and stylishly in an effortless and accessible way. 

Advantages of promoting My Jewellery

Thanks to its young, enthusiastic and dedicated team, My Jewellery is now one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands.

Become part of our community where we create memories that last forever. 

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