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Subsoccer - Football table

About Subsoccer
Subsoccer is a simple but addictive table football game for two. It's a table where the players are sitting on the benches on each side, which are also acting as goals. Just protect the net, trick the opponent and score.

The popular Subsuccer football game table comes in various styles and can even be custom made by the customers preferences.

Subsoccer has two key products: Subsoccer 3, which is the lightest and most agile model in the Subsoccer product family. The game is a full-blooded Subsoccer that you can place pretty much anywhere.

Subsoccer® 7 is the flagship product of the Subsoccer product family. Each Subsoccer 7 game table is numbered and assembled by hand in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Around the world several celebrities, media and professional football players are excited and have made Subsoccer more known so join the army of this fascinating newness!

Instagram followers 74k @originalsubsoccer
Tiktok followers 35k @subsoccer

Published videos which have gone virals:
Sport Bible facebook 11/2022 - 35M views - 101k comments

ESPN TIkTok - 22M views - 1,9M likes

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  • High conversion rate.
  • Quick Approval.
  • International campaign.
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  • Niche products within football tables.

  • Instagram followers 74k @originalsubsoccer

  • Tiktok followers 35k @subsoccer

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