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FinMaster is an online accounting application suitable for SMEs, accounting and bookkeeping firms.
We offer a comprehensive range of accounting solutions. Our application is modular. As a result, users pay only for the services they actually use. In addition to the standard basic functionalities such as accounting services, CRM management and automatic invoicing, users can add advanced modules to their subscription. For example, the scan and recognize function for automatically reading purchase invoices.
Excellent for efficient collaboration between accounting/bookkeeping firms and relations
The core of FinMaster is the separation of registration, payment and accounting. This offers the possibility to record the purchase invoice flow without processing. The booking in the general ledger can thus be done at a later time or outsourced to the accountant or administrative office. The biggest advantage of this? The invoices can be made payable without booking! Also, FinMaster has its own app that allows you to view your finances anywhere and quickly upload receipts.
FinMaster offers many benefits for accountants and accounting firms:
Up-to-date figures through the PSD2 bank link.
Extensive reporting module.
Links with e.g., Royal FloraHolland xml-invoicing, GreenMaster, Plantion, Ai2, Loket.nl, WeFact, Visma Nmbrs, among others.
The software is in the cloud and can therefore be accessed online anywhere and anytime
It provides a clear schedule that gives peace of mind on the screen.

As an innovative accounting application, we are always looking for developments to make the administration process as easy and fast as possible.

Why partner with FinMaster accounting software?

  • FinMaster is PSD2 licensed by De Nederlandse Bank, so reliable!

  • Carefree transition with our free switching service

  • Good accessibility of support; by phone and by email

  • Attractive commissions with nice scale!

  • Do you have questions or campaign ideas? We are also at your disposal to help you make a success of it.

    For more information visit www.FinMaster.nl

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