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Pleasure to meet you! We are Supplementen.nl.

An honest and transparent response to a often opaque market of dietary supplements. The best supplements are not found on a shelf at the pharmacy. Simply put, there is a lack of knowledge about the ideal compositions, dosages, and interactions between substances. Not to mention transparency regarding the raw materials. It needs to be better. Everyone ultimately wants supplements that are developed with serious intent. The supplements from Supplementen.nl are formulated in collaboration with pharmacists and other health professionals, backed by the results of approved scientific research. And they contain patented raw materials that can be easily found on the packaging. As a partner of Supplementen.nl, you can choose from 11 theme supplements that you can promote yourself. So, we don't offer just another vitamin B12, C, or D in a bottle, but our own developed formulas that each solve a specific problem. Because we target a broad audience with these themes, you can quickly find a match as an affiliate partner.

Some of the key reasons to collaborate with Supplementen.nl as an affiliate:

  • We only sell high-quality supplements.

  • All our products are produced by a Dutch pharmaceutical company.

  • Our 11 themes have been developed in collaboration with an expert team, including pharmacists.

  • Our formulas have more than 10 years of development behind them.

  • Over 15,000 customers have already chosen us.

  • Both individual sales and recurring subscription orders with ongoing commissions.

  • The average order value is over €30.

  • Our website exudes trust, is user-friendly, and focuses on finding and purchasing.

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided on all our purchases.

  • We offer free shipping for orders of 2 or more products.

  • We provide various bundles with multiple products.

  • Our customer service is available on weekdays via phone, WhatsApp, or email.

  • We support all common payment methods, including pay later.

  • More than 600 blogs worth of content to choose from!

  • 2 e-books to support your promotions.

  • Delivery to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Last but certainly not least, we offer you a sales commission of 15% (and if successful, we can always discuss further 🙂 ).)

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