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VakantieVeilingen is the market leader in online auctions with 1.5 million unique users per year. The site offers more than 11,000 daily auctions in various categories such as days out, beauty & wellness, hotels & vacations, nights out, food & beverages, sporting events and products. The platform has a unique compensation model that rewards for both bids and registrations. With 45,000 unique visitors and 90,000 bids per day, the conversion ratio, or rather bid ratio, is very high.

The advantages at a glance:
- Wide range of products and the leisure market
- Exclusive content
- Always up-to-date promotional material available
- Open to various promotional opportunities
- Payout based on registrations and bids (low-threshold)

Inspection conditions
Bids may be rejected in the following situations:
- Breach of program conditions (both sales and leads).
- From 7 or more sale transactions per IP address per week.

Use of the brand name
VakantieVeilingen grants permission for the use of the brand name for promotional purposes. As a publisher you have a duty to ensure that VakantieVeilingen is spelled correctly. The brand name may not be associated with misleading or inaccurate information. The use of the brand name in combination with competitor offers and/or discount codes is not allowed.

Special promotions
Only the partners/products present in the VakantieVeilingen product feed may be promoted by publishers. Actions relating to NS and Efteling may not be promoted at any time. Should it be an exception, this will be communicated by Emesa. In all other cases, sales are therefore rejected.

- It is not allowed to send traffic directly to VakantieVeilingen;
- Publishers are not allowed to show their ads when VakantieVeilingen as a brand name or variants and/or misspellings of it are entered as keywords;
- Publishers are explicitly prohibited from advertising on the brand name and/or misspellings of VakantieVeilingen.
- It is explicitly forbidden to advertise on the brand name and/or misspellings of partners of VakantieVeilingen (e.g. Walibi, Slagharen et cetera);
- Publishers may not use VakantieVeilingen in their displayed URL;
- Publishers may not use VakantieVeilingen in their title and description;
- VakantieVeilingen and other misspellings should be included as a negative keyword;
- VakantieVeilingen and other misspellings may not be used in combination with discount code related keyword combinations;
- VakantieVeilingen and other misspellings may not be used in combination with providers for which no auctions are live.
- These rules apply to all search engines.

Publishers are not allowed to use misleading meta text in their SEO results. The texts should correspond to the proposition communicated by the network.

Typosquatting (direct linking)
Typosquatting is not allowed. This means that it is not allowed to redirect visitors from websites without content to a website of the advertiser (e.g. misspellings of Vakantieveilingen registered as a domain name).

Improper use of the network
If there is suspicion that parties are guilty of unfair use of the network, all bids made will be rejected and the account in question will be immediately excluded from further participation in VakantieVeilingen.

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