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Bigbank offers deposit contracts and savings accounts with attractive interest rates. Bigbank stands for realism and sustainability, and has a traditional business model. This means that the deposits are used to finance highly diversified and small-scale consumer loans in other European countries where Bigbank is active. The goal of becoming the most valued digital financial service provider is complemented by the pursuit of modern and digital solutions. The combination of a traditional business approach and the ambition for innovation make Bigbank a reliable partner.

The process of opening a deposit and savings account is easy. You only need to identify yourself once, after which a deposit and savings account can be opened entirely online. If you have any questions, Bigbank's customer service will help you expertly and quickly.

Direct supervision is carried out by the Financial Inspectorate of Estonia. Bigbank is covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of Estonia, which guarantees term deposits and savings accounts deposited in accordance with the EU Directive, including interest up to an amount of € 100,000 per saver.

Deposit contracts

Do you want to grow your capital over a certain period of time in a safe way and not deposit or withdraw extra money during the term? Then a deposit contract with Bigbank is an attractive form of savings to realise your savings dreams and ambitions. You can take out a deposit contract online and you will receive the guaranteed interest on your contra account each year, as stipulated in your deposit contract.

The advantages of a Bigbank deposit contract

  • An attractive interest rate offer where the interest is automatically paid annually to your Dutch counterpart account;

  • The return on your deposit contract is fixed and therefore not affected by fluctuations in share prices and a fluctuating market interest rate;
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  • You can close a deposit amount from 1.000,- euro;

  • You pay no insertion, closing, management costs;


Flexible Saving

With Flexible Savings at Bigbank you can save without a fixed term at a variable interest rate of - currently - 0.30%. You can deposit or withdraw money to and from your Dutch counterpart account at any time without any additional costs.

Flexible Savings at Bigbank offers the following advantages

  • You will receive a variable interest rate that is considerably higher than the savings interest rate of your main bank;
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  • You can withdraw or replenish your savings at any time;

  • Flexible Saving is completely free of charge;

  • Your balance with Bigbank is guaranteed up to 100.000,- euro (including accrued interest)

Additional information

Pay attention:
  • Bigbank should only be written as Bigbank.

  • The € 100,000 guarantee fund may not be used as a promotion.

Both products are subject to the same conditions and commission.

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