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TopShoe.nl: More Trends, More Brands
22 independent retailers have united their warehouses. This enables consumers to choose from a broad collection of all imaginable shoe trends with more than 250 brands online. If desired, they can be assisted by 614 experienced professionals and 35 stores.

For the consumer, the broad collection of shoes and brands that are available in one web shop is irresistible. They can choose from more than 250 well known brands with an extensive variety of designs and models to choose from. This include Floris van Bommel, Tommy Hilfiger, Durea, Wolky, Bjorn Borg, Giorgio, and many more.

A lot of variety and an extensive collection
This is possible due to the cooperation of independent retailers that form Topshoe.nl. Colleague X from Y may be specialized in high fashion shoes, while Colleague A from B distinguishes himself with a wide offer of trendy kids shoes. Because the retailers have connected their inventory systems, a wide range of products are permanently on offer.

Warranty and service
Customers are able to walk into any Topshoe.nl participating store when they have questions or wish to try and feel a pair. There are 35 shop locations in total. This means that there is always at least one physical location close by. Without saying, deliveries can be made to a customer's door with the warranty and service that they are used to.

Swift and easy
TopShoe.nl is a web shop with a good overview where swiftness and easiness are on our priority list. The search options are elaborate and after an order has been placed, customers can be serviced based on their preferences.

Vouchercode websites are not allowed to promote Topshoe.

The benefits of the Topshoe.nl affiliate program :

  • Varied and rich offer
  • Warranty and service
  • Convenience and speed
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