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ArganWinkel.nl specializes in Argan Oil. A 100% organic cosmetic for skin, hair and nails that are rapidly gaining popularity. Women are crazy. The powerful effect of this product combined with top service has made us the number 1 position in the categories of beauty and wellness, skin care and hair care at Trustpilot.nl

The offer is exclusive and not in regular stores.
We have virtually no returns. Orders are approved within a week. You will after a successful order is always your commission.
We continuously optimize our webshop. With professional copy, design and multivariate testing to the best possible conversion rates to be achieved.
Safe payment: via Extanded Validation SSL connection with iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, debit or COD.
High customer satisfaction score of 9.6: Both our products and our service will be highly appreciated.

All this makes ArganWinkel.nl your ideal web partner! Your referrals will thank you.

Why promote the affiliate program of Arganwinkel.nl:

You will receive 20% of the order value (average between € 33, - and € 60. -). That is the highest percentage in the category "Health & Beauty" Daisycon. And there is more:

We use Google Remarketing to which you refer visitors on their first visit have not bought back to our site. This means that visitors weeks see ads on sites that are connected to the Google ad network (more than 80% of all sites in the Netherlands which ads are shown). When your visitors click on one of these ads and ordered you will receive your commission yet.

ArganWinkel.nl proposes a wide range of promotional material available. You can choose from different sizes banners, but you can also use text links. Do you need customized promotional, or do you have creative ideas for such samples or discount codes? Mail us at [email protected] we can help you further!

Now part of our success
Register today and be sure to link the material ArganWinkel.nl a good position to get your site to take full advantage!

We wish you success as partner of ArganWinkel.nl

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