Daisycon Specials

All relevant promotional periods in one overview. Increased commissions, special promotion codes and more!

Active Specials

At Daisycon, we identify a number of very suitable moments throughout the year to put a particular channel in the spotlight. Advertisers and publishers can benefit from these peak periods in the form of action marketing.

During promotional marketing periods like our Specials, advertisers often offer increased commissions, extra promotional codes, benefits for visitors and bonuses for publishers. These incentives will make promotions even more successful. To promote the specials as a publisher, an account at Daisycon is required. Are you not yet a publishers at Daisycon? Register now!

For Advertisers

Throughout the year, special promotional periods are set up, specifically for your channel. Join the specials at Daisycon and boost your turnover!

Via the tens of thousands of active websites in Daisycon’s network, more millions of visitors per month are forwarded to our advertisers. Throughout the year, there are many interesting and fun promotions that help you, as an advertiser, to attract the attention of publishers. Through intensive promotion you will reap the benefits of more traffic and a higher conversion rate.

Respond to current events, increase your turnover and benefit from the extra exposure that we offer, free of charge! Would you like to know more about the upcoming specials at Daisycon? Contact your Daisycon contact person or leave a message via the contact form.

Participate in a special

As an advertiser, would you like to give your programme an extra boost or impulse? Do you want to be top of mind again among relevant publishers? Our Specials make it possible to put the spotlight on you.

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