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Emma mattress was founded in Frankfurt in 2015. Goal: make buying a mattress easier! After all, there are countless mattresses for sale on the market, which for the customer means a long search through an endless number of shops - to ultimately become little wiser.

Emma Mattras makes this search a lot easier. On their website, your visitors will find the best mattress tested by the consumer association. They did not happen overnight in developing this ideal mattress! The Emma mattress is innovative and composed of high-quality materials.

The mattress is suitable for everyone and offers the perfect support regardless of your height and weight. The materials of the mattress adapt to your height, weight and sleeping position, so that you always sleep comfortably.

This naturally raises high expectations among buyers. The Emma mattress can therefore be tested for 100 nights to see whether it can really meet those expectations. Is the mattress not what you were looking for? Then they will collect the mattress from you for free.

In addition to the mattress, they also sell various accessories, such as a pillow, box spring bed, duvet and topper. All developed with the same philosophy and sold under the same conditions.

Their website is the most important channel for them. Their company is young, agile and growing fast. Everything is possible and with a high order value and a high conversion rate on their page, Emma mattress offers a very interesting revenue model for you as a publisher!

Why promote the Emma mattress affiliate program?

  • Attractive commission
  • High conversion rate
  • Known from TV
  • Active inspection after 100 days
  • Very low return numbers

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Données de campagne

  • Commission 4.00%
  • Marketing par mots clés partiellement autorisé
  • E-mail marketing est autorisé
  • Codes promotionnels partiellement autorisé
  • Product listing ads partiellement autorisé
  • Cashback partiellement autorisé
  • Réseaux sociaux est autorisé
  • Sub ID possible
  • Flux produits possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Campagne active depuis 18-05-2018
  • Durée de mesure 100 jours
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