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...tasty by nature!
This saying convinces the four-legged friends, but also our customers!

The story behind kauartikel.com:
In 2007 Marc Bichel founded the company kauartikel.com. The reason for this was his Labrador dog AYKA, who was not allowed to eat everything due to her allergies.
There was not much choice in the local dog shops especially for allergic dogs.
Marc Bichel took it into his own hands and founded a small company next to his house, where he still had the goods packed, labelled and shipped by hand.
From time to time the company grew and so did the number of products. 2 years ago the company moved to Göhl, where a large warehouse provided the space that was needed.

Why are our products so special?
The assortment consists of over 350 different articles from A- like Achilles tendon to Z- like Ziemer of the ox.
We have something for every dog, whether puppy or senior, whether Chihuahua or Great Dane, leisurely or active!
Many of the chewing items we offer are labeled with a 100% natural button. This means that these products do NOT contain any preservatives, chemical additives, salts, attractants or colorants.

It is important that man's best friend can meet his chewing needs, because the dog has a natural desire to chew!
However, we do not only offer chewing articles for the occasional chewing need, but also dry and wet food as a main meal! Also our dry and wet food convinces our four-legged friends. You can choose between game, lamb, horse and turkey - everything a dog's heart desires!

What do we offer our customers?
We also deliver to Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Spain!
Look forward to fast delivery, friendly customer service and top products!

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