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About Tubble

Tubble is an independent brand straight from the heart of Amsterdam. By creating the Tubble Air Bath we revolutionized the way people take baths.

Primarily in cities, fewer and fewer people have solid bathtubs in their bathrooms. There is usually no space for a bathtub and a shower in modern homes and appartments. Today, taking a shower in a bathtub is considered old-fashioned and awkward.

Tubble offers the solution to this. The Tubble bath is an inflatable bathtub that can be used anywhere, anytime. The unique design of the Tubble bad makes it possible to store it in any tight place when not in use. The inflatable construction ensures that precious space is not wasted.
It also means that you can place the Tubble in your garden when it’s sunny or take it with you on holidays when on the road with an RV or camping.
Who can say they can take their bath with them on their trip to Italy?

Another advantage of the inflatable design is that it’s actually more comfortable than a regular bath. The inflatable sides and padded bottom makes for a very soft and gentle experience. The inflatable sides and the heat retention cover make sure that the water stays warm much longer than in a regular bath. You can now enjoy long baths without refilling it with hot water in the middle of it.

We at Tubble think that everybody deserves a bath. It would be great if you want to help people in need of a bath find us!

What makes the Tubble affiliate campaign interesting?
We believe (and experience, we get many excellent reviews!) our product makes people happy. Because our product is something they have never thought of before, it is usually very well received. It brings new possibilities to people’s lives.

Even though we can improve enough about our website (and we’re working hard to do so), our conversion rate is very good. Once you choose to promote our range of products, we believe that you will sell many baths, resulting in a reliable and ongoing commission stream for you.

Key facts about the campaign
A unique product,
few returns
High conversion ratio
Fast validation
Competitive payouts
Promotional, visual assets for distribution available (just drop us a line)
Extensive upgradable options to increase basket value (candles, gadgets, fragrances)

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Données de campagne

  • Commission 7.00%
  • Marketing par mots clés est autorisé
  • E-mail marketing est autorisé
  • Codes promotionnels est autorisé
  • Product listing ads est autorisé
  • Cashback est autorisé
  • Réseaux sociaux est autorisé
  • Sub ID possible
  • Flux produits possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Campagne active depuis 28-05-2021
  • Durée de mesure 100 jours
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