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About Quickparts

Quickparts is part of Tridan, one of Scandinavia's largest independent wholesalers of spare parts and accessories for white goods, parts for vacuum cleaners, window cleaning equipment, mounting parts for heat pumps and much more.
We have been supplying quality spare parts to professional installers and fitters since 1977, and we are among the professionals in the industry known as a reliable, fast and service-minded supplier.

Quickparts is found in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and sends out approx. 120,000 packages for customers throughout the Nordic region. Our goal is that all orders made within normal working hours are processed and made ready on the same day. Quickparts has been established with a Norwegian organization number and is on the VAT register. You therefore pay Norwegian VAT when you shop with us, and there are no additional fees or charges for customs when you shop with us.

When you shop
When you shop at Quickparts, you can take advantage of our expertise and get help finding the part you are missing. Then you get the right part - right away.
We can also give you advice on repairs that you can do yourself, and when it may be a good idea to contact a professional. With us you get guidance, and if we are in doubt, we rather send customers to an authorized technician or original manufacturer. The most important thing is that you get help to solve your problem, and get your product repaired.

Why promote Quickparts
  • Customs & VAT always paid

  • 90 day return policy

  • Large product range
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