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Rolgordijn.com is owned by HEWO Raamdecoratie B.V. With almost 40 years of experience, we deliver, exclusively online, custom-made window coverings from our own factory and showroom in Weert.

Roller blinds are extremely versatile. You can use them to darken your bedroom, to keep the sun out in your study, to guarantee your privacy in your bathroom or to create the right atmosphere and acoustics in your living room. For every application and space HEWO Raamdecoratie has a solution with the most extensive collection of roller blind fabrics and colors in the Netherlands. A blackout blind or rather a semi-transparent or transparent blind? Create the right atmosphere with a HEWO roller blind! Everything is supplied under our own quality brand name HEWO.

Because of the direct delivery from our own factory we can deliver up to 70% cheaper than our competitors. As a manufacturer of window coverings, we are happy to help customers with tips on how to realize their ideas. Shipping of the products is always free with us and on all products the customer gets 5 years warranty. We carry the Thuiswinkel Waarborg logo and are recognized CBW Woonwinkel.

Customers spend on average more than € 500, - per transaction at rolgordijn.com so every conversion directly brings a lot of money for you as Publisher.

The advantages of the rolgordijn.com campaign:

  • Commission between 6 and 10% depending on the number of orders
  • All possible marketing methods allowed
  • Banner set available that is regularly updated
  • Average transaction value above €500
  • Transaction approval period: 60 days
  • Rapid verification of transactions

If you want to start a special promotion, discount code or any other promotion with us, please contact us.

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Données de campagne

  • Commission 6.00%
  • Marketing par mots clés est autorisé
  • E-mail marketing est autorisé
  • Codes promotionnels est autorisé
  • Product listing ads non autorisé
  • Cashback est autorisé
  • Réseaux sociaux est autorisé
  • Sub ID possible
  • Flux produits possible
  • Deeplink possible
  • Campagne active depuis 09-03-2022
  • Durée de mesure 100 jours
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